FW: GHSFL Results and Standings following Round 2

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Congratulations to all of our fencers! I was able to speak to several of our first year fencers, all of whom confirmed that they had enjoyed their first tournament. A great many of our fencers advanced to the direct elimination tournament. We had point scored for our team by Sam James, Gareth Payne, Jonathan Kopel and Logan Norris for the men. For the women, Josie James, Hannah Soderberg, Taylor Taliaferro, Sara Gelbert and Honoka Miura all score points for our team. Special congratulation to James (gold medal) and Josie (silver medal) James!

Results and Standings
The attached files show the results and standings following Round 2 of the regular season.
* “Results 2019-20 R2.pdf” contains the final results of all tournaments in Round 2. * “Scores 2019-20 R2 Centennial.pdf”, “Scores 2019-20 R2 Johns Creek.pdf”, “Scores 2019-20 R2 Milton.pdf” contain the scores of all bouts as well as seeding and final places for all tournaments in Round 2. * “Standings 2019-20 R2.pdf” contains the Team Standings (based on all points earned by each team) and the Individual Standings (based on all points earned by each fencer). * “Fencers by School 2019-20 R2.pdf” contains an alphabetical list of fencers at each school. For each fencer it shows grade, league ranking, points earned, number of events they have competed in as well as where they placed in each tournament.
If you believe there are any errors in the results or standings, please let me know. If the grade of any of your fencers is blank that means I don’t know what grade they are in, please let me know as soon as possible.
These reports are also available in Excel format. If you would like the Excel versions, please let me know.

Reminder – One Round 1 tournament is still to be completed

Keep in mind the that Round 1 Tournament at Dunwoody had to be rescheduled for 19 October (the week after the Round 3 tournaments). The schools who were scheduled to be at Dunwoody in Round 1 have so far competed in one fewer tournaments than the others. Once that tournament is made up, those schools and some of their fencers will likely earn additional points and may move up in the standings.

Chris Grimshaw
GHSFL Tournament Director

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