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*Results and Standings*
The attached files show the results and standings following Round 7 of the regular season.
– “Results 2019-20 R7.pdf” contains the final results of all tournaments in Round 7. – “Scores 2019-20 R7 Dunwoody.pdf” contains the scores of all bouts as well as seeding and final places for today’s tournament. – “Standings 2019-20 R7.pdf” contains the Team Standings (based on all points earned by each team) and the Individual Standings (based on all points earned by each fencer). – “Fencers by School 2019-20 R7.pdf” contains an alphabetical list of fencers at each school. For each fencer it shows grade, league ranking, points earned, number of events they have competed in as well as where they placed in each tournament.
If you believe there are any errors in the results or standings, please let me know. If the grade of any of your fencers is blank that means I don’t know what grade they are in, please let me know as soon as possible.
These reports are also available in Excel format. If you would like the Excel versions, please let me know.
*Championship qualifiers*
*Eligible fencers* Fencers are “eligible” to compete in the Championships if they have competed in 4 regular season tournaments in the current season. This is a minimum requirement to compete in either Championship.
The number of tournaments a fencer has competed in is listed in the Fencers by School report (in the column headed ‘Events’) and in the Individual Standings section of the Standings report (in the column headed ‘Ev’). The number of tournaments is highlighted in red for fencers who are not eligible.
*Individual Championship on 25 January at Alpharetta* To qualify for the individual Championship, fencers must have competed in at least 4 regular season tournaments and have earned points in at least one. If there are more than 84 men or 84 women who meet those requirements, only the top 84 qualify (including those tied for the 84th spot).
The attached file “Qualifiers 2019-20.pdf” lists the 88 men and 80 women who qualified for this season’s Individual Championship. Congratulation to all the qualifiers.
I will send out strip assignments for the Individual Championship tomorrow (19 January).
*Team Championship on 1 February at North Springs* All schools can send one men’s team and one women’s team to the Team Championship as long as they have enough eligible fencers to form a team (a team consists of 3 or 4 fencers). Fencers are eligible to compete if they have competed in at least 4 tournaments. they do not have to have earned points.
In the following list, “Yes” indicates that the school has enough eligible fencers to form a team and “No” means they do not. “Need confirmation” means that the school has enough fencers for a men’s team, women’s team or both, but has not yet told me if they are competing or not.
School Men Women Alpharetta Y Y Need confirmation Cambridge Y N Need confirmation Campbell Y Y Centennial Y Y Chattahoochee Y Y Need confirmation Denmark Y Y Need confirmation Dunwoody Y Y Need confirmation Johns Creek Y Y Need confirmation Lambert Y Y Lassiter Y Y Need confirmation Milton Y Y Need confirmation North Atlanta Y N Need confirmation North Springs Y Y Need confirmation Northview Y Y Pinecrest Y Y Pope Y Y Roswell N Y Need confirmation Walton Y N Need confirmation Teams will be seeded based on points earned in all tournaments this season (including in the Individual Championship) by all fencers of that sex at the team’s school.
If you have any questions, please e-mail me.
*Chris Grimshaw* *GHSFL Tournament Director*

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