Fwd: Important Information for Fencers Selected for the GHSFL Fencing Demonstration at the Capitol

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Please provide the following information to the students that will be representing your school in the fencing demonstration on GHSFL Day at the Capitol.
There should be a parent/responsible adult with your school’s fencers
The following schools have confirmed that they will have a fencer participating in the demonstration: Campbell, Centennial, Chattahoochee, Dunwoody, Lambert, Milton, North Atlanta, North Springs, Roswell, Walton
Place your gear in room 403CAP
Check-in with GHSFL Vice-chair Kathy Vail when you arrive at the Capitol
11:30am Change into your fencing gear in the restrooms on the main floor
Noon Fencing Demonstrations begin – Rotunda
Be on time
Space will be very limited so only the fencers selected for the demonstration will attend. There will not be room for additional teammates, coaches, friends, etc.
The fencing demonstrations will take place from noon until 3:00pm. Fencers will rotate through bouts. You will fence mens, womens and mixed bouts
We will have two strips set up for you to fence.
*When you are fencing, remember that this is NOT a competition. It is a demonstration. Who wins a particular bout does not matter; a good, fun-to-watch representation of how our sport works does matter*
*When you are not fencing, you will be interacting with the Legislators and visitors to the Capitol. Remember that you are representing your school and the Georgia High School Fencing League. Be a positive, upbeat representative of high school fencing. Emphasize the safety of our sport, how much fun it is to fence, where you have been accepted to college, that you plan to fence in college and what fencing has meant to you. If you are not sure of an answer, bring the person asking the question to GHSFL Chair Terry White or GHSFL Vice-chair Kathy Vail*
Thank you again for agreeing to take part in the GHSFL Day at the Capitol fencing demonstration Kathy Vail Vice-chair, Georgia High School Fencing League

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