Thank you

Every parent on this distribution list understands the dedication and work involved in being the President of a Booster Club. But being President of Wildcat Fencing, has been an EXTRAORDINARY challenge this year. In addition to the normal bumps in the road, you have dealt with (just to name a few):
Space issues League issues Scheduling issues Power issues Pandemic issues
And yet, despite these unbelievable surprises, you kept this organization running smoothly. Every challenge met with a smile and a positive attitude. Every problem solved quickly and efficiently. Because of your dedication, our fencers experienced a seamless and fantastic year. A huge number of fencers qualified for Varsity letters and we won our first ever trophy!
On behalf of all the fencers, parents, & coaches, we have gift for you. It’s a very small token of our gratitude and appreciation. I was going to present it to you at the banquet, but…you know how that turned out. I will make arrangements to get it to you soon, but I wanted to take advantage of the public email forum to tell you just how much we all appreciate your hard work on behalf of our children.
Thank you for making this the BEST SEASON EVER!!!!
David Kopel on behalf of everyone!

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